AvanTax Filing Services Case Studies

Over the years, we've prepared countless returns for a wide variety of business types. Below are just a few examples of the work we've done in the way of tax slip preparation and XML data processing for our clients.

What can we do for you?

Unclaimed Property Reporting
Highlights | Details
  • 130 Properties, 700 Owners
  • Develop custom Text-to-XML converter
  • Convert raw data to XML & eFile
  • Final reports & XML submission confirmations
700 Unclaimed Property Records
130 Properties
  • An existing AvanTax Filing Services client, already using us to produce T5008 returns, asked if we could prepare their unclaimed property XML submission as required by the Alberta government.
  • Upon reviewing the government of Alberta's filing requirements, we confirmed that we could process their unclaimed property data and submit the XML files as requested. Upon modifying our system to import data from the fixed-format text file our client provided, we processed all 700 owners, filtering out those whose property values fell below a specific threshold, and made the appropriate submissions to Alberta Unclaimed Property.
  • This particular job was also not without incident; we were notified by the client of updated requirements on several occasions during processing of their data. Fortunately, because of the flexibility of our system, we were able to accommodate these changes with relative ease and without significant increase in cost to the client.
Stock Plan Administration
Highlights | Details
  • 17,000 Recipient Slips
  • 26 Returns: T4RSP, T5, T5008 & Relevé 18
  • Convert data to XML & eFile
  • Sort, print & mail recipient slips
  • PDF copies of bad-address recipient slips
  • Final reports & XML submission confirmations
17,000 T4RSP, T5, T5008 & Relevé 18 Slips
26 CRA & Revenu Québec Returns
  • Nearing filing deadlines made it unlikely that our client could redesign their systems in time to produce data suitable for our system, and we were required to re-format their source data ourselves before it could be imported into our system and converted to XML.
  • We evaluated our client's data to determine how to best organize it for import into our system and minimize changes to our client's systems. Our decades of experience in data processing enabled us to design an effective solution suitable for all parties.
  • During processing we found numerous occurrences of missing and/or invalid data, each of which required correction by the client. While data validity is a client responsibility, our recommended solutions helped the client quickly resolve each error, which allowed us to complete the XML conversion and file their CRA & Revenu Québec returns well before any deadline. At our client's request we also printed and mailed slips to each recipient.
  • We take pride in working with our client to ensure the validity of their data. Our experience and hands-on approach from start to finish helps us simplify your tax filing season; even when faced by apparently overwhelming data issues.
Media Event Management
Highlights | Details
  • 300 Recipient Slips
  • 4 Returns: T4, T4A & Relevé 1
  • Generate Relevé 1 returns from T4A data
  • Convert data to XML & eFile
  • Final reports & XML submission confirmations
  • Amended & Cancelled returns
300 T4, T4A & Relevé 1 Slips
4 CRA & Revenu Québec Returns
  • Like many companies with operations across Canada, this client was uncertain as to the filing requirements for employees residing and/or employed in Québec. Adding an extra wrinkle was the fact that the company's returns needed to be filed under two unique company names, with similar employee information entered in each.
  • We converted the client's T4 & T4A data into CRA XML format and informed them that Relevé 1 slips would also be required (in addition to the T4/T4A slips) for their staff employed within Québec. On our client's approval, we created the required Relevé 1 data from the existing T4 & T4A data, converted it into Revenu Québec XML format, and submitted the T4, T4A and Relevé 1 returns without incident.
  • With our decades of experience we have an expertise that allows us to assist companies that may not be aware of all CRA & Revenu Québec requirements.
Direct Sales Agency
Highlights | Details
  • 380 Recipient Slips
  • 1 return: T4A
  • Convert data to XML & eFile
  • Create password protected PDF slips
  • Email protected PDF slips to recipients
  • Final reports & XML submission confirmations
380 T4A Slips
1 CRA Return
  • This client contacted us to ask if we were able to prepare and email T4A slips to their several hundred consultants; of course we said "Yes!"
  • This job was reasonably straightforward. The data supplied by the client contained errors which were easily resolved and no problems of note were encountered during import, conversion to XML submission to CRA and email of password protected PDF slips to recipients.
  • Shortly after the submission and email had been completed, however, the client contacted us to say that some data had been omitted from the data we had received, and some data that we did receive was incorrect; could we submit additional and amended slips to accomodate these issues? Of course we said "Yes!" and we completed the additional & amended submissions and emails within a very short period of time. Much to our client's delight and satisfaction.
  • We enjoy a close working relationship with our clients and encourage them to contact us at any time if their requirements have changed or their data has been revised.
Employee Benefits Admin.
Highlights | Details
  • 40,000 Recipient Slips
  • 25 Returns: T4A & NR4
  • Import T4A data from XML
  • Data correction
  • Sort, print & mail recipient slips
  • Convert NR4 data to XML & eFile
  • Final reports & XML submission confirmations
40,000 T4 & NR4 Slips
25 CRA Returns
  • We were approached by an outsourced employee benefits management company to process and efile T4A data for 27 benefits plans for companies & unions located across Canada. Due to the nature of several of the employers, a number of the T4A slips were for US & international employees; necessitating non-standard sorting & print processing. Coupled with the multi-national nature of the data, we were also tasked with extracting T4A slips for recipients with no mailing address data and return shipping these to the client for handling.
  • Using the advanced sorting and categorizing features of our processing system, we were able to batch the T4A slips for printing and mailing according to each recipient's country of residence, as well as delivering to our client the several hundred T4A slips for which no address information existed. Elapsed time from initial contact with the client to job completion was three weeks.
  • We know how important your job is to you and, while we cannot guarantee that yours will be the only job we'll be working on, you can rest assured that we'll act as though it is.
Customer Experience Service
Highlights | Details
  • 5,200 Recipient Slips
  • 2 returns: T4A & Relevé 1
  • Third-party amended return
  • Data rebuilding & filtering
  • Maintian RL-1 sequence number integrity
  • Print & mail subset of recipient slips
  • Submit XML files containing data subset
  • Final reports & XML submission confirmation
5,200 T4 & Relevé 1 Slips
1 CRA & 1 Revenu Québec Return
  • We were contacted by one of our AvanTax eForms clients to help them distribute a subset of amended T4 & Relevé 1 slips (5,200 slips out of 9,500) after their payroll contractor encountered technical issues with the data. As the job rapidly became quite complex, the client chose to use AvanTax Filing Services rather than process the slips internally.
  • Combining our experience in data processing with the advanced features of our filing service, we were able to:
    • Rebuild the client's full data set from multiple sources
    • Isolate and process 3,255 amended T4 & 1,945 amended RL-1 slips
    • Maintain the RL-1 sequence numbering scheme of the client's previous submisisons
    • Print and mail the 5,200 amended slips
  • Several months after the mailing, our client contacted us to ask if we could also submit the XML returns for these slips, once again because technical issues with the data. We were able to:
    • Import the RL-1 slips' previous XML sequence number into the amended data
    • Create the XML files for only the 3,255 amended T4 & 1,945 amended RL-1 slips
    • Submit the XML files to CRA & RQ without issue
  • While the job was somewhat complicated, we were able to use our client's comprehensive data trail to create a new data file containing the same data as their original data file, from which we could prepare printed recipient slips and XML files to submit to CRA & RQ and maintain the existing RQ sequence numbers.