Getting Started with AvanTax Filing Services

AvanTax Filing Services converts Canadian tax information slip data in CSV, XLSX format into Canada Revenue Agency & Revenu Québec XML files. We also prepare and distribute recipient slps on request and can process data for any number of recipients, belonging to any number of payers, for any conceivable situation.

Getting started is as easy as One-Two-Three!

One - Order
Tell us what you'd like us to do

It's as easy as asking us to register an account for you on our Secure Client Portal. We'll send you a registration email with a link to the portal, where you'll find all the information you'll need to order our services and upload your data.

Log in to our Secure Client Portal to place your order, or contact us if you need to register or reset your account.

Two overviews of AvanTax Filing Services are available:

Contact to discuss custom XML conversions and forms not yet available.

Two - Upload
Submit data for processing

Enter your tax slip data into the appropriate Data Import Template and log in to your Secure Client Portal account to upload, validate and submit your data file.

  • Data must be validated before it can be submitted for processing.
  • Data must be submitted no later than two weeks before its filing deadline to enable us to meet submission & distribution deadlines.
  • Data must be submitted through our Secure Client Portal, we will not accept data sent to us by any other method.

Refer to our Data Import Template Guide as you fill in the Data Import Template. The guide provides details on every field of every form, ensuring that your data will pass validation before you submit it to our team.

Three - Relax
We'll take it from here

Once you've validated submitted your data file, we'll take care of everything else. Securely. All you'll need to do after this is approve the preview reports we'll give you.

We respect your employee's privacy and place a very high priority on data security. Once it's in our system, your data is protected from start to finish by strict internal procedures and guidelines. It will never leave our server, and is deleted after your job has been completed.

Log in to our Secure Client Portal to download your completed return.

Refer to our Data Confidentiality and Terms & Conditions to see how we protect your data and safeguard your employees' privacy.